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Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Managing your account online with Cuentas Mobile is a quick and easy way to access your account information and make changes to your services.

Available with the Cuentas Mobile website are the following benefits:

  • View billing and usage
  • Manage payments
  • Plan change
  • Number transfer support
  • Device activation support
  • Account management (password reset and authorized users)
  • Technical support and FAQ
  • Contact information
    …and much more!

On the login page select the option “Forgot Password?”. Password resets instructions are emailed to contact information associated with your account.

Your username is your mobile number with Cuentas Mobile and is not able to be changed at this time.

Login to the Cuentas Mobile website to manage your cards on file for autopay, or make a one-time payment.

Cuentas Mobile is currently BYOD only (bring your own device). We recommend using the Device Compatibility tool to ensure compatibility with Cuentas Mobile service.

You can always verify your device compatibility with Cuentas Mobile service by selecting Bring Your Own Device under the Shop menu. Instructions and results are available after submitting your device IMEI.

As part of the order process, the Device Compatibility check is required.

Cuentas Mobile recommends using the Bring Your Own Device compatibility check tool before placing an order or attempting to activate a new device with your existing service. The tool is powerful, however can be limited as some information is proprietary to the carrier or phone manufacturer and is not made available to Cuentas Mobile until you attempt to activate.

Some reasons devices may not be compatible:

  • Financial obligation to your previous carrier/manufacturer
  • Device is locked to a different network and must be unlocked prior to use
  • Software incompatibility or outdated software on the device
  • Hardware incompatibility because some devices have multiple model variations
  • Device has been reported to the Lost/Stolen list and blacklisted from service
  • The phone is already active on the Cuentas Mobile network
Apple Samsung Motorola Google
iPhone 11 Galaxy A10e G4 Pixel 3XL
iPhone 11 Pro Galaxy A11 G4 Play Pixel 4XL
iPhone 11 Pro Max S10 G4 Plus
iPhone 6 S10 Plus G7
iPhone 6 Plus S10 SE G7 Play
iPhone 6S S10 SE Plus G5 Plus
iPhone 6S Plus S10E
iPhone 7 S10E Plus
iPhone 7 Plus S20
iPhone 8 S20Plus
iPhone 8 Plus S8
iPhone SE S8 Plus
iPhone SE 2 S9
iPhone X S9 Plus
iPhone XR Note 8
iPhone XR Note 9
iPhone XS Max Note 10

Cuentas Mobile keeps it simple if you want to activate a different device! Simply remove your already active SIM card from your existing device and insert it into the new phone to begin the activation process. Cuentas Mobile recommends you restart the device and ensure you are in a strong signal area before proceeding.

Cuentas Mobile service requires the use of a Cuentas Mobile branded SIM card. SIM cards are provided when placing a new order, and can be sent to you when troubleshooting or service related issues occur.

Login to your account online for more assistance and to process a SIM card change.

Absolutely! The number transfer process begins when you place a new order, as we collect details about your prior service in order to facilitate the transfer for you. These details include account numbers, name as it appears on the account, and PIN number at a minimum. Email notifications will keep you up to date and advise you when your number has transferred to Cuentas Mobile and you can activate your new service!

Number transfers from a wireless carrier typically complete quickly, but in some situations can take up to 4 hours. If you are transferring a traditional home phone number to Cuentas Mobile then it could take up to 10 days to complete. In addition, carriers such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T may require additional confirmation before releasing their number to Cuentas Mobile. If this occurs, Cuentas Mobile will pause the number transfer request until you are able to complete the steps necessary from your previous carrier.

Cuentas Mobile will keep you up to date with email notifications to advise you during your number transfer process. You can always login to your account online to view the status or re-submit a number transfer request after making corrections.

Cuentas Mobile is a prepaid wireless service which charges you a monthly recurring fee that must be paid each month on your cycle date for your services to continue. Cuentas Mobile also requires you keep a valid credit card on file to be used to collect your monthly service charges and for any additional optional services you use.

Managing your payment information is available online via the Cuentas Mobile website at any time.

The most common reason services may be interrupted are due to a missing monthly payment or performing activities that result in one-time charges that go unpaid when they are due. While Cuentas Mobile allows a brief window for your service to continue without payment to ensure your payment processes, we will suspend your service if prompt payment on due dates is not received.

If your service is suspended and it is related to payment, simply login to your account online to make payment and your services will automatically restore. Cuentas Mobile recommends you ensure the correct card is on file before attempting to make payment and restore service.

Your previous bills and payment history are available online via the Cuentas Mobile website. When online only, you are able to download and save your previous monthly bills.

Usage is made available for the previous 90 days. Usage history is visible both by visiting your account online via the Cuentas Mobile website.

You can request changes to your plan at anytime by logging into your account online. All plan change requests will take effect the start of your next billing cycle.

Cuentas Mobile provides a limited number of mandatory notifications regarding your account and billing. We will also notify you of any security related changes made to your account or usage behavior that may affect your service. All notifications will be sent to the email associated with the account and/or via text message to the primary phone number on the account. Changes to your contact information can be made by logging into your account online via the Cuentas Mobile website.

To cancel at any time, you must contact one of our Wireless Experts during operating hours. Please be aware that only the account owner can cancel service, any authorized users are unable to make cancellation requests. Requesting a cancellation will take effect immediately.

If you wish to keep your number and take it with you to another carrier, you must complete the number transfer request with your new carrier while your Cuentas Mobile number is still active. Once your number has successfully transferred to your new carrier, your service with Cuentas Mobile will immediately terminate. The account owner is responsible for any outstanding Cuentas Mobile charges or balances owed on your account.

Cuentas Mobile does not offer refunds for any unused portions of your monthly service charges.

Connectivity to the Cuentas Mobile network is determined by signal strength and quality, and your voice services and related experience can be affected in low signal areas. If you experience issues with voice or text messaging services, we suggest the following:

  • 1. Ensure your phone software is up to date
  • 2. Ensure airplane mode is disabled and you are not currently connected to other WiFi or Bluetooth sources
  • 3. Turn your phone completely off and then back on
  • 4. Check the coverage map and attempt connectivity again when in a stronger signal area

If your voice related services are performing as expected but your data services or picture messaging is impaired, Cuentas Mobile recommends the following:

  • 1. Ensure your phone software is up to date
  • 2. Ensure airplane mode is disabled and you are not currently connected to other WiFi or Bluetooth sources
  • 3. Turn your phone completely off and then back on
  • 4. Check APN settings on your device, save any changes necessary, and restart your phone:

    a. Name: Variable

    • i. APN: wholesale
    • ii. Proxy:
    • iii. Port:
    • iv. Username & Password:
    • v. Server:

    b. MMS

    • i. MMSC:
    • ii. MMS Proxy:
    • iii. MMS Port: 8080
    • iv. MCC: 310
    • v. MNC: 260
    • vi. Authentication Type:
    • vii. APN Type: default,supl,mms,ia
    • viii. APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
    • ix. APN roaming protocol: IPv4

Additional high-speed premium data may be available to “top off” your existing metered data plan. Not all plans support this feature, we recommend logging into your account online via the Cuentas Mobile website and selecting "Add More Data" for additional information.

When available, this additional 4G high-speed premium data amount can be added in 1GB increments. All top off requests will be immediately charged to the credit card on file with your account and will be made immediately available to use.

A limit of 20 top off requests can be made per line, per billing cycle.

Yes, 5G service is currently supported on 5G capable Android and Apple iOS devices.

Hotspot is available as a feature of all Cuentas Mobile plans, check your subscribed plan for allowance amounts and speeds.

Activation of the hotspot feature in compatible devices is located within your phone settings, and will automatically configure with the Cuentas Mobile network where available.

International calling to other countries (“ILD”) and international roaming ("IR") is available with all Cuentas Mobile plans and may be purchased for an extra charge and added to your account (“ILD or IR Wallet”). Unused balances in your ILD Wallet may be carried forward. Conditions and limitations may apply. Review the applicable ILD/IR package for details. International calls are rounded to the next minute. The International Calling and International Roaming pages lists available country calling and texting locations along with any associated rates. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Voicemail is a feature included at no additional cost to all Cuentas Mobile plans. Accessing your voicemail may require either adequate signal for phone calls or connectivity to the internet if you using Visual Voicemail services. WiFi connection will allow you to use your Visual Voicemail.

If you are experiencing any issues accessing your voicemail, Cuentas Mobile recommends the following:

  • 1. Ensure your phone software is up to date
  • 2. Ensure airplane mode is disabled and you are connected to strong cellular or WiFi signal
  • 3. Check that you can access other websites or data sources, and that you can successfully complete a call
  • 4. Turn your phone completely off and then back on
  • 5. Check that the SIM card active in your phone matches the one listed on your account

WiFi calling is included at no additional charge with all Cuentas Mobile plans. WiFi Calling requires a Wi-Fi capable Device enabled for WiFi calling capability and connection to a WiFi source. Not all services available on Cuentas Mobile’s provider’s network are available while using WiFi Calling. Please note that when making WiFi calls, you are subject to the same terms and rates as regular cellular connected voice calls – including international call charges. Receiving calls and text messages are included at no additional charge while connected to WiFi. Data while connected to a WiFi source is also not charged and will not count toward your monthly data allowance.

Please see the WiFi calling page or the FAQ below for important information regarding WiFi calling and E911 address registration.

*Please note these instructions may vary based on model device.


From the Home screen tap Settings

Scroll to Phone

Tap Phone

Tap WIFI calling

Tap or slide the WIFI Calling on this iPhone switch ON.

Tap Enable-Note if necessary follow the onscreen instructions to enter an address for use in the event of an emergency call. You can update this address at any time.


From the Phone app, tap the Menu icon

Tap Settings

Tap WIFI Calling

Tap or slide the WIFI Calling switch ON- Note, if necessary, follow the onscreen instructions to enter an address for use in the event of an emergency call. You can update this address at any time.

*Calls to 9-1-1 using Wi-Fi Calling operate differently than 9-1-1 calls made over a cellular network or a landline phone. When you call 9-1-1 over Wi-Fi away from your Primary Address, we and our network supplier may have no or very limited information about your location. If possible, use a cellular connection or a landline phone to place any 9-1-1 calls. When making a 9-1-1 call, always state the nature of your emergency and provide both your location and phone number, as the operator may not automatically receive this information. See full Terms and Conditions for details.

Yes. When you first enable Wi-Fi Calling on Cuentas Mobile, you must provide us with the primary street address at which the Wi-Fi Calling service will be used (“Your E911 Registered Address”). When you a place a 911 call, even if you have Wi-Fi Calling services enabled, if a cellular connection is available, your handset will always place the 911 call over the handset’s native dialer using a cellular connection to improve call quality and location accuracy for emergency services. However, if you call 911 over Wi-Fi, we will route your 911 call to your designated 911 Communications Center based on Your E911 Registered Address.

For example, if Your E911 Registered Address is in New York, but you place a 911 call over Wi-Fi while in California, the 911 call will be routed to a New York-based 911 Communications Center based on Your E911 Registered Address. We will transmit Your E911 Registered Address to the 911 Communications Center that answers the call and it may be used to help emergency responders locate you, but due to the limitations associated with Wi-Fi calling you should always provide the 911 Communications Center with your contact information and current location when calling 911.

Cuentas Mobile experts are available for support in English during the following timeframes: All times are Eastern Standard time unless noted. Holidays may impact normal hours of operation –

  • Chat Support with Cuentas Mobile experts - 9AM to 5PM
  • Phone support at 678-218-5011 - 9AM to 5PM